Ford Ranger The Science of Tough

For Ford Motor Company APAC

‘The Science of Tough’(SOT) is not your usual product demonstration. Released in a series of videos, it captured Ford’s engineers conducting some pretty extreme experiments. The results showed how Ford Ranger’s smart design and intuitive technologies actually made it tougher and more durable.


What set the experiments apart, was the fact that the extreme tests were conducted away from the lab under controlled environments, making for more entertaining demonstrations.


In this season of SOT, we put the Ford Ranger through more extreme experiments to test its adaptive load control, dynamic stability control, rollover mitigation, towing capability, frame and chassis strength, hill ascent control and traction control. To prove the Ford Ranger is simply tough done smarter.


Australian Effie Awards 2017 – Long Term Effectiveness Silver
Australian Effie Awards 2017 – Return On Investment Bronze


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