HP Dreamcolor Wonderland

For Hewlett Packard Singapore

The Dreamcolor Wonderland campaign aims to challenge the target audience’s perception that their current computer monitors are good enough, by highlighting the fact that more than 70% of computer monitors are simply not capable of displaying colours accurately. This is an alarming fact for professionals in the creative industries, where colour fidelity and precision is crucial.


To demonstrate the extent to which colour inaccuracies exist with their current monitors, we sent our audience intriguing direct mailers in the form of an arcane book called the ‘Mystical Book of Colours’. Inside are instructions for making a colour-coded pinwheel (DreamColor Wand) which allows users to test their monitors online for colour accuracy.


To create buzz and drive more traffic to the website, we also created an ambient idea for selected graphic arts retail outlets. Specially constructed see-through ‘ghost books’ were placed on the shelves of graphic and design-related bookstores. The books reveal the DreamColor Wonderland story and the scourge of ‘Colouritis’ on its back cover, ending with an invitation to visit the website.


Concept Development
Art Direction