Nestle Cheerios

For Nestle China

Being Chinese, rice and noodles has long been seen as a staple food. It’s a tradition/habit that goes back many years. Congees, soymilk, eggs as well as bread are seen as something that is more complete a meal, as compared to a bowl of crunchy cereals for breakfast. Challenge is to change this mindset, get more mums to feed their kids with Nestle Cheerios, and in the process expand the market penetration.

Heart warming nutritious breakfast can be easy, fun, convenient and hassle free. We created a social media campaign where Weibo users will be able to have Cheerios delivered to their doorstep simply by tweeting problems they faced while creating breakfast, and tagging 3 other friends who deserves an easy and nutritious breakfast. Its really that easy.


Concept Development
Art Direction