VW The Iconic Drive

For Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Beetle, with its iconic design and unique heritage, is possibly the most famous car ever produced. But in China, the car never enjoyed the fame and familiarity that it has in the West.

Our task was to link the car with this lesser known cultural history while providing some information about the history of the car as well. But also having some Beetle-like fun along the way.

We created the Iconic Drive, a digital experience using HTML5, where users are able to drive through the eight decades of rich cultural heritage with their mouse. And in the process, view heritage photos as well as print-ads of the Volkswagen Beetle. Users could also preorder the new 2012 Beetle at the end of the experience.

Right after it’s launch in June, the campaign was heavily discussed online on social media platforms. The online social buzz has spread quickly, resulting in many more people knowing about the history and heritage of the Volkswagen Beetle. Preorders of the car shot up to over 3,500 just in the first 6 weeks, more than double the targeted number!


Creative Direction
Art Direction