WWF Blue Sky APP


2013 broke all records in China for the worst air pollution ever, only to see records again broken for the first few months of 2014. With the Beijing government showing little or no signs of doing much to reverse the hazardous trend, WWF China wanted to start something.


They created the Blue Sky movement to encourage citizen action, starting with a simple app. It allows users to turn smartphone photos of the inevitable polluted gray skies to blue, with a simple swipe of the finger; then share the before and after which thousands did via WeChat. The app’s signing function allows those supporting to submit their signature and see it instantly appear on the WWF website. Celebrity Li Bing Bing was first to sign the app at Earth Hour’s 2014 event in Beijing, then watched as it appeared in real time along with others’, on Asia’s biggest screen, collectively turn the gray sky blue. The sharing and media coverage got people thinking of ingenuous ways they could make a difference, individually and in groups.


FWA Mobile of the Day June 2014


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